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Peninsula Furniture Assembly

When it has to look last and perform the way it was desiged to

We offer IKEA Pickup Services with assembly for details text (650}630-3707

Welcome to Peninsula Furniture Assembly Services we appreciate your interest in using our service. We are a locally owned assembly service specializing in the assembly and installation of ready to assemble products for homes and businesses from most of today’s top manufacturers.


When it has to look last and perform the way it was designed to is more than a slogan to us, its our mission statement, it our commitment to you to provide you with the best quality of service we can. We have been providing 5 Star service to home and business throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years.


Quality!!! I can put it in one word, you're gonna get your things assembled right. Check us out we are on Yelp,  We offer prompt, honest and reliable service, we are professional assemblers, we come with the tool patience and knowledge needed to assemble your specific item in a timely, orderly and professional manner,  we also come prepared to offer you whatever assistance needed to ensure you get the best quality service we can provide

RATES: We offer flat rates based sole on the item(s) you want assembled. (Rates are determined by what’s required that items)

HONEST PRICING: We have been doing this for over ten years we have a general idea what’s required to assemble an item base on who made it as well as about how long it will take to assemble, we offer standard assembly pricing regardless to cost or manufacturer base solely on 3 factor,

  • What it is
  • Functionality
  • How much time is should take

NO HIDDEN FEES: No Traveling, No Processing with us we only charge to assemble your item(s), we appreciate your business so we  do all we can to keep our rates reasonable and affordable.

RELIABILITY: We value your business as well as your time, it’s our mission to offer the best service from start to finish, being a prompt and dependable service is a staple for us.

5 STAR SERVICE: When it comes to providing quality service it’s no secret we provide nothing but the best, on time, rates, skills, and experience. Check us out on YELP, people have been talking about us since 2009,


  • We ask that you provide an adequate description of the items you would like to have assembled.
  • A searchable link to the item, a clear photo or manufacturer and description of product.
  • The number of items you would like assembled. We offer multiple piece discounts on three or more items. 

You can text the link to (650)630-3707 or Email at [email protected]m


  1. We ask that item be in the room they will be upon final completion.
  2. Adequate space to assemble item in the room in which the item is to be placed upon completion of assembly.
  3. If help moving items is required prior to assembly please let us know before arrival an additional fee may be added if moving services are required.
  4. Trash Bags we would love to keep the area clean as we go and a trash bag would help.

Note: Items include all packages require for assembly.

Peninsula Furniture Assembly Services 
Menlo Park California 94025
Darryl Warren Owner